Referral & Re-Sign Rules

Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm Applicants must initially register on the “Available for work” list In-Person 

Re-signs are accepted between the 10th and the 16th of the month

  • E-mail - 10th to 16th - Re-signing by Email Click Here (In the subject line please enter your Name, and Registration Number)
  • Fax - 10th to 16th
  • In-Person - 10th to 16th
  • Postcard must be postmarked the 10th through 16th


IBEW Local 540 Hall


Contact Information

Contact Phone Fax
LU 540 Hall
Erik Hann ext. 101
Becky ext. 103
Curt Moore ext. 102
Sharen ext. 105
Greg Bambenek ext. 104


Credit Union (Kim) 330-833-8337 330-833-9423
JATC (Damus Cole/Barb) 330-830-6446 330-830-6453
H&W Benesys (Patty) 800-733-7709 330-270-0912
Pension/Annuity Benesys (Jolie Hanlon/Roger Moore) 800-733-7709 330-270-0912
Vacation Savings (Fringe Benefits) 330-270-0453